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HOLO RAMPE was a collaborative and socially engaged art project. Together with young people from the region, it was implemented from April to September 2021 at M.1 of the Arthur Boskamp Foundation in Hohenlockstedt.

The starting point of the project was a loading ramp at the foundation building, a direct access into the exhibition hall of the art foundation. We appropriated this access as a place for mediation through the HOLO RAMPE project and made it the subject of the action as an intermediate space - between the community and the foundation.

Over six weeks of action, we worked artistically with young people at the ramp, made nonsense, dreamed, spent time, got to know each other, boldly and provocatively asked questions. Between protest, film, poetry, graffiti, visual arts and performance, temporary spaces and situations were created in which social conditions were playfully questioned and unmasked.

As initiators, we were encouraged by the process and by the group to understand mediation as an attitude and political practice. This means that we were always part of the action, critically working on and questioning our own practice and positioning.

The central question for us was how young people can be encouraged to intervene in social processes by means of the visual arts. And: what kind of freedom can arise when we break down the boundaries between art and social work; when creation is thought of in social and artistic terms at the same time.

The inspiring and empowering collaboration with so many young people has made it possible to transfer approaches of a socially and politically motivated art and cultural mediation into practice and to explore them from there.

Your courage and will to create, to invent and to be loud in the process is Magic!

Thank you: Adrian, Daimon, David, Finja, Hannah, Jadan, Joanne, Jonas, Joshua,  Kaya, Lennard, Lenny, Leon, Linus, Lukas,, Lucy, Markus, Maximilian, Mia, Miguel, Mika, Narges, Nathalie, Sarah, Smoke, Shawn, Tayries-Jill, Tim, Thorwin, Zarah, Zeynep

Conception: Christian Limber, Miriam Trostorf, Christian Diaz Orejarena, Claudia Dorfmüller

Project realisation: Christian Limber, Miriam Trostorf,
Christian Diaz Orejarena, Lara Dade, Fiona Schrading,
Claudia Dorfmüller, Charlotte Perka

Artistic and theoretical accompaniment:
Fiona Schrading, Ginan Seidl und Jan Barner

A big thank you goes to the whole team of M.1, who made HOLO RAMPE possible and always supported it. Especially we want to thank Claudia Dorfmüller for her cooperation! Thanks to: Bettina Kruse, Ulrike Boskamp, Charlotte Perka, Jörg Hischke, Regina Fock und Bettina Steinleitner

We would also like to thank Lily Wittenburg for her artistic contributions from the kitchen and Naomi Hennig for her helping hands.

Many thanks also to the team of the JuZe Hohenlockstedt who, within the framework of the existing cooperation with the Arthur Boskamp Foundation, were very flexible in their approach to our project planning at HOLO RAMPE. Furthermore, we would like to thank the Open Channel Kiel and the Kunsthalle Kiel for their cooperation
We would also like to thank the people of Hohenlockstedt who took the time for interviews in the context of the project.




More iInformation:

HOLO RAMPE was part of the programme M.1 Lokal of the Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung
in Hohenlockstedt, Germany.  A heartfelt thank you to all sponsors!